Installing a Stealthburner with a Clockwork2


The part cooling capability of an afterburner isn’t great. It is however simple to swap from an afterburner to a stealthburner without swapping the extruder.
Please note there are no free pins to run the neopixels.

Printed Parts Required

Here is a list of the printed parts required.

Purchased Parts Required

It is suggested that you purchase a hardware kit for the Stealthburner, such as this one.


Remove the 2 x M3x8 Screws securing the PCB cover in place and put both the cover and the screws to one side.

SB 1
Stealthburner Installation 1

Remove the 2 x M3x12 Screws and 2 x M3x30 Screws securing the fan cover in place. Disconnect the fans.

SB 2
Stealthburner Installation 2

Remove and keep the 40mm hotend cooling fan (if not part of purchased parts) for installation in the Stealthburner.
Disconnect everything else from the toolhead PCB. Disconnect the toolhead PCB from the cable chain and put to one side for reinstallation.
Remove the 2 x M3x40 Screws securing the printhead to the carriage and remove the printhead.

SB 3
Stealthburner Installation 3

Remove the V6 from the printhead by removing the 2 x M3x20 Screws. Keep the screws as they will be needed during assembly.

SB 4
Stealthburner Installation 4

Remove the screws securing the cable chain to the rear of the motor. Also remove the cable tie securing the cable chain in place.

Lift the cable chain out of the way and remove the 2 M3x20 screws securing the extruder in place. Lift the motor up to remove it.

SB 5
Stealthburner Installation 5

Remove the M3x20 securing the latch in place. Remove the latch.

SB 6
Stealthburner Installation 6

Remove the M3x30 securing the guider in place. Remove the guider.

SB 7
Stealthburner Installation 7

Remove the 2 x M3x30 securing the main body in place. Remove the main body and the drive gear. The MR85 from the motor plate may come away with the drive shaft (which is fine).

SB 8
Stealthburner Installation 8

Remove the BMG type gear from the guider by pushing out the pin. It is suggested that you use the drive shaft and gears from the Troodon V2 as they are hardened, rather than what you get in the kit.

SB 9
Stealthburner Installation 9

Remove the 2 x M3 screws securing the probe in place and remove the probe from the carriage.
Remove the 2 x M3 screws holding the carriage together.

SB 10
Stealthburner Installation 10

Remove the 4 x M3 screws securing the carriage to the rail and remove the 2 carriage pieces, separating them from the belts.

SB 11
Stealthburner Installation 11

Slacken the belt tighteners so 1 thread is showing in preparation for assembly.

SB 12
Stealthburner Installation 12


Follow the Stealthburner Manual for assembly instructions.
Tighten the belts as detailed here