Configuring the Scanning Probe on a Fly-SHT36 Max V3


The Fly-SHT36 Max V3 has an onboard LDC1612 and Scanning Probe PCB/coil that can be used with RRF.


The bottom of the Scanning Probe PCB/coil should be around 1 to 2mm above the tip of the nozzle, so that when scanning the bed the G31 trigger height can be set to around 2mm to avoid the nozzle contacting the bed, while keeping the PCB/coil fairly close to the bed.

Firmware Configuration

To use the scanning Z probe as a secondary Z probe, assuming you already have a primary Z probe used for Z homing, add the following to your config.g:

; Scanning Z probe
M558 K1 P11 C"124.i2c.ldc1612" F36000 T36000
M308 A"SZP coil" S10 Y"thermistor" P"124.temp1" T100000 B4092; thermistor on PCB/coil
  • The K1 parameter configures it as Z probe 1 so as to leave your primary probe as Z probe 0
  • If you change the CAN address, the CAN address in M558 C parameter and M308 P parameter will need to change

Scanning Probe Calibration

Calibrate the scanning probe using the instrucions here