Release notes for the stable release of 3.4.0_1

Duet3D Release Notes for 3.4.0

Please see the Duet3D release notes for 3.4.0 to see whats new and what has been fixed

RepRapFirmware for STM32 Release Notes for 3.4.0_1 from 3.3.0_16

  • Duet3d 3.4.0
  • Updated pins files
  • Retry SDIO initialization if switch to wide mode fails
  • Fix number of drivers in gemini config
  • Fix bug pin A.0 set to input mode during board init
  • Report supported boards as part of M122 p200 output
  • Include CCMRam usage in M122 output
  • STM32F4 Allow multiple names for same board configuration
  • SBC Increase stack space to allow more complex expressions
  • Filter WiFi module debug output to remove garbage characters
  • STM32F4 Fix occasional bad memory access when using software PWM
  • Disable support for LPC build
  • Allow use of named objects when using SBC build
  • STM32F4: Improved writer task interface (handle multiple buffers/tasks)
  • STM32F4: Fix print sometimes stalls
  • STM32F$: Fix deleting sys files when mass storage is not enabled, but linux is
  • STM32F4: Fix occassional deadlock when writing accelerometer data to file
  • STM32F4: Fix crash when TMC5160 SPI channel not configured