Exec on MCode installation Guide


The shutdown example is available on the github page (https://github.com/wilriker/execonmcode)

In order to make it run as a service on rasbian:

  1. download the lastest version
    wget [url to latest version]

  2. rename to be just execonmcode
    mv [latest version] execonmcode

  3. make it executible
    chmod +x execonmcode

  4. move to the system bin folder
    mv execonmcode /usr/local/bin

  5. download the shutdown script from the github page
    wget https://raw.githubusercontent.com/wilriker/execonmcode/ad42d63d7392fecd7a21a69921b1dc70293d44ac/shutdownsbc.service

  6. make it executable and set the permissions
    chmod +x shutdownsbc.service
    chmod 777 shutdownsbc.service
    chown root:root shutdownsbc.service
  7. move to the system service folder
    sudo mv shutdownsbc.service /etc/systemd/system

  8. make it start up with the OS
    ```systemctl enable shutdownsbc.service``

  9. you can check the status of the new shutdown service and start it up
    systemctl status shutdownsbc.service
    systemctl start shutdownsbc.service