General information regarding the Fly-E3-Pro


This page covers any general information for the Fly-E3-Pro board.
It is currently available through AliExpress.

Board.txt Name

The board name in board.txt is fly_e3_pro.

Z Driver Jumpers

If only one Z output is being used, jumpers should be installed on the other Z output as shown below.

Fly-E3-Pro Z Jumpers
Fly-E3-Pro Driver Z Jumper Locations

Driver Diag Pin

To use sensorless homing, a jumper must be installed on the diag header.

Fly-E3-Pro Diag Jumpers
Fly-E3-Pro Diag Jumper Locations

12v Input voltage Useage

If using the board with 12v, some extra jumpers are required to be installed. Install a jumper on each of the locations highlighted.

Fly-E3-Pro 12v Jumpers
Fly-E3-Pro 12v Jumper Locations

Maximum Input voltage

The board can handle an input voltage up to 32v.

Initial Installation

The board that you will receive doesn’t have any firmware installed so when plugged into a computer, the board will show as an unidentified device. Follow the WiFi instructions.

Ender 3 Conversion

There is an Ender 3 Conversion guide that gives a full walkthrough from start to finish.