General information regarding the Fly-407ZG


This page covers any general information for the Fly-407ZG board.
It is currently available through AliExpress

Board.txt Name

The board name in board.txt is fly_f407zg.


The Fly-407ZG is supplied with 2 heatsinks. They should be installed as per the image below.

Fly-407ZG heatsink
Fly-407ZG Heatsink Installation Location

Driver Jumpers

The jumpers should be installed as below. “Common Interpolation” should be used for standalone drivers. “SPI mode Interpolation” is not a currently supported configuration as this port does not support SPI communication to drivers. “UART mode Interpolation” should be used when using smart drivers (i.e. TMC2208, TMC2209, TMC2225 and TMC2226)

Fly-407ZG Jumpers
Fly-407ZG Driver Jumper Locations

Input voltage

The board can handle an input voltage up to 32v.

Initial Installation

The board that you will receive doesn’t have any firmware installed so when plugged into a computer, the board will show as an unidentified device. Follow the ESP8266 WiFi instructions, ESP32 WiFi instructions or the SBC instructions for what to do next.


Some boards shipped are missing the bootloader.
If your board has the Mellow logo on the back and when you place a firmware.bin file on the SD card and it doesn;t get converted, then yours is one of these boards.
Follow the below steps to rectify this issue.

  1. Download and install the STM32 software from here.
  2. Add two jumpers to the fly board as shown below.

    Fly-407ZG Fix
    Fly-407ZG Fix Jumper Locations
  3. Plug the board in by USB. It should show up in the device manager as shown below.

    Fly-407ZG Fix1
    Fly-407ZG Device Manager
  4. Open the STM32 software and configure the connection settings as shown below.

    Fly-407ZG Fix2
    Fly-407ZG Connection
  5. Download the latest copy of the bootloader from here.

  6. Open the bootloader in the software as shown below.

    Fly-407ZG Fix3
    Fly-407ZG Load the Bootloader File
  7. Click the “Download” button as shown below.

    Fly-407ZG Fix4
    Fly-407ZG Flash the Bootloader
  8. Once complete, disconnect the Fly-407ZG from the computer and remove the jumpers. It can now be used as normal.