Release notes for the stable release of 3.3.0_6

Duet3D Release Notes for 3.3

Please see the Duet3D release notes for 3.3 to see whats new and what has been fixed

RepRapFirmware for LPC and STM32 Release Notes for 3.3.0_6 from 3.3.0_5

  • Allow use of named objects when using SBC build
  • STM32F4: Fix occassional deadlock when writing accelerometer data to file
  • STM32F4: Update BTT RRF E3 board definitions
  • STM32F4: Fix crash when TMC5160 SPI channel not configured
  • STM32F4: Initial support for Fly Super8
  • STM32F4: Initial support for BTT Octopus (STM32429 MCU)