Release notes for the beta release of 3.2_7

Duet3D Release Notes for 3.2

Please see the Duet3D release notes for 3.2 to see whats new and what has been fixed

RepRapFirmware for LPC and STM32 Release Notes for 3.2_7

  • Fix Fly CDY pin definition
  • Allow use of SPI.pins to configure SPI device pins in board.txt
  • Preliminary support for the BTT RRF E3 (board name “biquskr_rrf_e3_1.0”)
  • Fix Fly CDYV2 board definitions
  • Fix BTT E3-Turbo board definitions
  • Add support for E3-Turbo driver sleep mode
  • Allow use of “+” “-“ “^” when defining pins for output high, output low, input pullup
  • Fix bug with board.txt files that contain whitespace before key name
  • Add version information to M122 P200 output