Setting up Putty for use with RRF

Setting up Putty

Putty can be downloaded from here
Install it as you would any other program.

Putty settings for RRF

There are a couple of settings that should be modified to ensure that putty displays information from RRF correctly.
On the main putty window, click on terminal on the left.

Putty 1
Putty 1

From there, you need to change the following items.
Tick the box for:

  • Implicit CR in every LF
  • Implicit LF in every CR

Select the radio button:

  • Force on

for both

  • Local echo
  • Local line editing

As shown below.

Putty 2
Putty 2

Now click on Session on the left menu.

Putty 3
Putty 3

Finally, save the settings so they don’t need changing next time you open up putty.
Click on default settings and then click the save button.

Putty 4
Putty 4