General information regarding the SKR3 H743


This page covers any general information for the SKR3 H743 board.

The SKR3 can be purchased from AliExpress

How to identify your SKR3 Version

Currently, the only way to identify which version of the board you have is to look at the markings on the MCU. In the below image, the left MCU is an STM32H723 and the right MCU is an STM32H743.

STM32H723 vs STM32H743
STM32H723 vs STM32H743

Board.txt Name

The board name in board.txt is biquskr_3.

Driver Jumpers

The jumpers should be installed as below. “Normal” should be used for standalone drivers. “UART mode Interpolation” should be used when using smart drivers (i.e. TMC2208, TMC2209, TMC2225 and TMC2226).

SKR3 Normal
SKR3 Normal Driver Jumper Locations
SKR3 UART Driver Jumper Locations
SKR3 SPI Driver Jumper Locations

Driver Diag Pin

If you want to use sensorless homing, a jumper needs adding under each driver you want to use it for as shown below.

SKR3 Diag
SKR3 Sensorless Homing Jumper Locations

PT1000 Support

Both hotend temperature sensor inputs support PT1000. When using one, make sure the jumper identified below is installed. Make sure it is removed when using a standard thermistor.

SKR3 PT1000 Jumper
SKR3 PT1000 Jumper Locations

Also make sure you define the resistor value as R1000 in your M308 command.

Initial Installation

Follow the WiFi instructions.