SKR-RRF-E3 + IDEX Pin Names

SKR-RRF-E3 Pinout Diagram

SKR-RRF-E3 Pinout

IDEX Pinout Diagram


SKR-RRF-E3 + IDEX Driver Pins in Firmware

Driver pin numbers. They are separated into driver number.

Pin Type 0 1 2 3 4 5
Enable Pins PD_7 PD_3 PD_14 PD_10 PC_13 PE_15
Step Pins PD_5 PD_0 PC_6 PD_12 PC_15 PE_13
Direction Pins PD_4 PA_15 PC_7 PD_13 PA_8 PE_12
UART Pins PD_6 PD_1 PD_15 PD_11 PC_14 PE_14

SKR-RRF-E3 + IDEX Other Pins in Firmware

If more than one pin name is availble, either name can be used in the firmware (config.g). If the pins aren’t in the table (due to not having a special name), then the pin itself can be used in the form of PA0, PA.0, PA_0, A0, A.0 or A_0.

Pin Number Pin Name 1 Pin Name 2 PWM Hardware Timer
A.0 e0temp th0 Timer 2
A.1 bedtemp tb Timer 2
A.10 RX1 tft-rx  
A.2 e1temp th1 Timer 2
A.3 PT100 th2 Timer 2
A.9 TX1 tft-tx  
B.0 servo0   Timer 3
B.1 LCD_D6   Timer 3
B.10 e1stop   Timer 2
B.11 x2stop   Timer 2
B.2 LCD_D4    
B.3 e0heat heat0 Timer 2
B.4 bed hbed Timer 3
B.5 fan0 fan Timer 3
B.6 fan1   Timer 4
B.7 Neopixel   Timer 4
B.8 SDA1   Timer 10
B.9 SCL1   Timer 11
C.0 xstop x-stop  
C.1 ystop y-stop  
C.2 zstop z-stop  
C.3 e0stop e0det  
C.5 probe    
E.0 PWRDET    
E.1 PSON    
E.10 LCD_D5    
E.11 LCD_D7    
E.2 LED    
E.4 e1heat    
E.5 fan2   Timer 9
E.6 fan3   Timer 9
E.7 LCD_EN    
E.8 BEEP    
E.9 BTN_ENC    
E.3 IO