General information regarding the SKR-RRF-E3


This page covers any general information for the SKR-RRF-E3 board and its IDEX addon.
It is officially supported by TeamGloomy from release 3.3b1_5.

The SKR-RRF-E3 can be purchased from AliExpress

Board.txt Name

The board name in board.txt is biquskr_rrf_e3_1.1.

Driver Diag Pin

To use sensorless homing, a jumper must be installed on the diag header.

SKR-RRF-E3 Diag Jumpers
SKR-RRF-E3 Diag Jumper Locations

Initial Installation

The SKR-RRF-E3 board that you will receive does have firmware installed but its from a BTT build of RRF and not officially supported by TeamGloomy. Please install one of our build.
Follow the WiFi instructions.