General information regarding the BTT Kraken


This page covers any general information for the board, which is supported from 3.5.0-rc.2.

Driver Diag Pin

RRF doesn’t use the Diag pin for sensorless homing or stall detection. Please ensure the jumpers on the diag pins identified below are removed.

BTT Kraken Diag
BTT Kraken Diag Jumper Locations

Driver Voltage

All drivers are powered from the HV-IN and the input voltage can be 24V to 60V.

Driver Sense Resistor

The first 4 drivers on the BTT Kraken use a different sense resistor than is set in the firmware. Please add the following lines to your config.g.

M569.9 P0.0 R0.022 S10
M569.9 P0.1 R0.022 S10
M569.9 P0.2 R0.022 S10
M569.9 P0.3 R0.022 S10

Fan Voltage

The fan outputs can each be set to 5v, 12v or VCC as shown below.

BTT Kraken Fan Voltage
BTT Kraken Fan Voltage Jumper Locations

Initial Installation

Follow the WiFi instructions or SBC instructions