General information regarding the BTT Octopus v1.1 F429 Version


This page covers any general information for the board, which is supported from 3.4beta2.

There are two types of BTT Octopus. One uses an STM32F446ZET6 and the other uses an STM32F429ZGT6. TeamGloomy and this port only support the STM32F429ZGT6 based boards. BTT provide a build with reduced features which can be found here

Board.txt Name

The board name in board.txt is biqoctopus_1.1.

Driver Jumpers

The jumpers should be installed as below. “SPI mode Interpolation” is supported for TMC5160 drivers. “UART mode Interpolation” should be used when using smart drivers (i.e. TMC2208, TMC2209, TMC2225 and TMC2226)

BTT Octopus v1.1 UART
BTT Octopus v1.1 UART Driver Jumper Locations
BTT Octopus v1.1 SPI
BTT Octopus v1.1 SPI Driver Jumper Locations

Driver Diag Pin

If you want to use sensorless homing, a jumper needs adding next to each appropriate endstop as shown below.

BTT Octopus v1.1 Diag
BTT Octopus v1.1 F429 Version Sensorless Homing Jumper Locations

Initial Installation

Follow the WiFi instructions or SBC instructions