These instructions will help you to get started running RepRapFirmware on your LPC or STM32 based 3D printer board


Welcome to the RepRapFirmware on LPC and STM32 boards.
This software is a port of the open source RepRapFirmware produced by Duet3D for their Duet range of boards.
It was originally ported by sadvi, but is now maintained by TeamGloomy.

Latest Firmware Versions

Latest Stable

The latest stable version is 3.2.2_2

Latest UnstableS

The latest beta/unstable version is 3.3rc2+1_1

Latest Wifi Firmware Versions

Latest Stable

The latest stable WiFi firmware version is 1.25-01

Latest Unstable

The latest beta/unstable WiFi firmware version is 1.26-01


TeamGloomy are working in close partnership with Flymaker/Mellow to ensure that 100% compatibility is obtained with their boards and to cover all of your 3D printer electronics requirements.