How to upgrade Armbian and DSF

Upgrading Armbian

To upgrade the underlying OS, use the following command over SSH or over a console connection.

sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade -y

Upgrading DSF

There is an upgrade script built into the TeamGloomy release of Armbian.
When you invoke it, you must also pass through a version number for the version of DSF you wish to install. To use it, as an example, send the following command over SSH or over a console connection.

rrf_upgrade latest-stable

This will upgrade to the latest stable version. latest-unstable can also be used as an argument. An argument must always be added to the end of rrf_upgrade so it knows which version to install.

If you are wanting to upgrade/downgrade to a specific version, you can also pass the version number through to the upgrade script.

rrf_upgrade 3.4-b7

A list of the available arguments for the script can be found below.

Release Argument Release Type
3.1.1 Stable
3.2.0-beta1+1 Unstable
3.2.0-beta1 Unstable
3.2.0-beta2 Unstable
3.2.0-beta3 Unstable
3.2.0-beta4 Unstable
3.2.0-rc1 Unstable
3.2.0-rc2 Unstable
3.2.0 Stable
3.2.2 Stable
3.3-b2 Unstable
3.3-b3 Unstable
3.3-rc1 Unstable
3.3-rc2 Unstable
3.3-rc3 Unstable
3.3.0 Stable
3.4-b1 Unstable
3.4-b2 Unstable
3.4-b3 Unstable
3.4-b4 Unstable
3.4-b5 Unstable
3.4-b6 Unstable
3.4-b7 Unstable
3.4-rc1 Unstable
3.4-rc2 Unstable
3.4.0 Stable

For reference, the packages available and their names can be found here