A list of known plugins for DWC


Here are a list of known plugins for DWC. The table indicates whether the plugin will work in Standalone or SBC mode.

You can now also use the Duet3d Plugin Repository to find plugins.

Plugin Name Author Link Firmware Version Standalone SBC
BtnCmd Minty Trebor Github 3.3+ X X
DUET3D_CNC_Probe Raymond Stone Github 3.3+ X X
Motion Webcam Server Duet3D Github 3.4b7+   X
Endstops Monitor Duet3D Github 3.3+ X X
GamepadJogger Sindarius Github 3.3+ X X
ObjectCancelPlugin Sindarius Github 3.3+ X X
filament load cell Kriechi Github 3.3+   X
Another weighing filament holder achrn Duet3d Forum 3.3+   X
RobotViewer joergS5 Github 3.4.0 X X
DWC-CAN-Manager Sindarius Github 3.4+ X X