Adding a Camera to DWC

Using mjpg streamer - USB Camera only

Follow these instructions to get mjpg streamer installed on a raspberry pi. If using RRF in SBC mode, then that SBC can be used. If setting up with RRF in WiFi mode, a pi zero is powerful enough.

Once mjpg streamer is installed, make the following changes to the mjpg streamer config.

PORT="-p 8080"

Now you can access the webcam on the same IP address as DWC using http://myduetsipaddress:8080/?action=stream.
You can also add this to the general setting tab in the DUET, and have the webcam feed page showing under “Current Job”.

DSF Plugin - Pi Cam or USB

There is a DSF plugin for using a pi camera or USB camera.
Information and instructions can be found here

RPi-Cam-Web-Interface - Pi Cam Only

Follow the installation instructions found here

Set the webcam URL as http://IPAddress/html/cam_pic_new.php

Follow the instructions here here

Security Camera

Buy a security camera that supports an mjpeg stream