The pin names of the Fly-CDYv3 used in the firmware

Fly-CDYv3 Pinout Diagram

Fly-CDYv3 Pinout

fly-CDYv3 Driver Pins in Firmware

Driver pin numbers. They are separated into driver number.

Pin Type 0 1 2 3 4 5
Enable Pins C.1 C.14 B.8 D.7 D.4 D.0
Step Pins E.5 E.4 E.3 E.2 E.1 E.0
Direction Pins C.0 C.13 B.7 D.6 D.3 A.15
UART Pins C.15 A.8 B.6 D.5 D.1 E.9

Fly-CDYv3 Other Pins in Firmware

If more than one pin name is availble, either name can be used in the firmware (config.g).
If the pins aren’t in the table (due to not having a special name), then the pin itself can be used in the form of PA0, PA.0, PA_0, A0, A.0 or A_0.

Pin Number Pin Name 1 Pin Name 2 PWM Hardware Timer
A.0 fan0 fan Timer 2
A.1 fan1   Timer 2
A.10 RX1 lcdrs  
A.13 lcdd6    
A.14 lcdd7    
A.2 fan2   Timer 2
A.3 e0temp t0 Timer 2
A.4 SPI1SDCS    
A.5 SPI1SCK   Timer 8
A.6 SPI1MISO   Timer 13
A.7 SPI1MOSI   Timer 14
A.9 TX1 btnenc  
B.0 bed hbed Timer 3
B.1 bedtemp tb Timer 3
B.1 lcden   Timer 3
B.10 zmin zstop Timer 2
B.11 zmax zstopmax Timer 2
B.3 MOTSCK   Timer 2
B.4 MOTMISO   Timer 3
B.5 MOTMOSI   Timer 3
B.9 Laser    
C.2 probe    
C.3 Power_ADC PC3  
C.4 e1temp t1  
C.5 e2temp t2  
C.6 xmax xstopmax Timer 8
C.7 xmin xstop Timer 3
D.10 ymax ystopmax  
D.11 ymin ystop  
D.12 e0heat he0 Timer 4
D.13 e1heat he1 Timer 4
D.14 e2heat he2 Timer 4
D.15 Neopixel LED Timer 4
D.8 btnen2    
D.9 btnen1    
E.13 tfcd    
E.14 lcdd5    
E.15 lcdd4    
E.6 servo0   Timer 9
E.7 SPI1CS1    
E.8 SPI1CS2