Release notes for the beta release of 3.3 Beta 1_5

Duet3D Release Notes for 3.3 Beta 1

Please see the Duet3D release notes for 3.3 Beta 1 to see whats new and what has been fixed

RepRapFirmware for LPC and STM32 Release Notes for 3.3 Beta 1_5

  • STM32F4: Reduce SD card beffer size back to values used in Version 3.3-beta1_3
  • STM32F4: Added additional signature for SKR pro boards
  • STM32F4: Minor SDIO improvements and bug fixes
  • STM32F4: Added board definition for FLY E3-Pro
  • STM32F4: Allow VIn value to settle before first reading
  • STM32F4: Fix for boards that ground MAX31855 T- pin (avoid short to ground error)
  • STM32F4: Increase number of heat sensor SPI CS pins to 4
  • STM32F4: Changed BTT RRF E3 board name to be “biquskr_rrf_e3_1.1”