Release notes for the beta release of 3.3 Beta 3_2

Duet3D Release Notes for 3.3 Beta 3

Please see the Duet3D release notes for 3.3 Beta 3 to see whats new and what has been fixed

RepRapFirmware for LPC and STM32 Release Notes for 3.3 Beta 3_2

  • RRF V3.3-Beta3
  • STM32F4 Enable accelerometer support
  • STM32F4 New board.txt entry: accelerometer.spiChannel
  • Fix Neopixel configuration check
  • STM32F4: Add checks for change on interrupt pin being unused
  • STM32F4: Ensure step timer is initialised before first use
  • STM32F4: Make reverse driver checks more robust
  • STM32F4: Allow RRF to use any available UART/Pin for WiFi/Aux