SKR Pro v1.1 and v1.2 Pin Names

SKR Pro v1.1 Pinout Diagram

SKR Pro v1.1
SKR Pro v1.1 Pinout

SKR Pro v1.2 Pinout Diagram

SKR Pro v1.2
SKR Pro v1.2 Pinout

SKR Pro v1.1 and v1.2 Pins in Firmware

Driver pin numbers. They are separated into driver number.

Pin Type 0 1 2 3 4 5
Enable Pins PF_2 PD_7 PC_0 PC_3 PA_3 PF_0
Step Pins PE_9 PE_11 PE_13 PE_14 PD_15 PD_13
Direction Pins PF_1 PE_8 PC_2 PA_0 PE_7 PG_9
UART Pins PC_13 PE_3 PE_1 PD_4 PD_1 PD_6

Other pin numbers. Either name can be used in the firmware (config.g).

Pin Number Pin Name 1 Pin Name 2
PA_1 servo0  
PA_2 probe  
PA_8 PA8  
PA_9 PA9  
PA_10 PA10  
PA_15 X-CS PA15
PB_0 e2heat he2
PB_1 e0heat he0
PB_10 xstop x-stop
PB_12 PB12  
PB_13 PB13  
PB_14 PB14  
PB_15 PB15  
PB_3 E0-CS PB3
PB_6 PB6  
PB_7 PB7  
PC_1 PC1  
PC_10 PC10  
PC_11 PC11  
PC_12 PC12  
PC_4 PC4  
PC_5 PC5  
PC_6 wifi4 PC6
PC_7 wifi3 PC7
PC_8 fan0 fan
PC_9 PC9  
PD_0 PD0  
PD_10 PD10  
PD_11 PD11  
PD_12 bed hbed
PD_14 e1heat he1
PD_2 PD2  
PD_3 PD3  
PD_5 PD5  
PD_8 PD8  
PD_9 PD9  
PE_0 PE0  
PE_10 e1stop e1det
PE_12 ystop y-stop
PE_15 e0stop e0det
PE_2 PE2  
PE_4 PE4  
PE_5 fan1  
PE_6 fan2  
PF_10 PF10  
PF_11 PF11  
PF_12 PF12  
PF_13 PF13  
PF_14 wifi5 PF14
PF_15 wifi6 PF15
PF_3 e0temp t0
PF_4 e1temp t1
PF_5 e2temp t2
PF_6 bedtemp t3
PF_7 PF7  
PF_8 PF8  
PF_9 PF9  
PG_0 wifi1 PG0
PG_1 wifi2 PG1
PG_10 PG10  
PG_11 PG11  
PG_12 E2-CS PG12
PG_13 PG13  
PG_14 PG14  
PG_15 E1-CS PG15
PG_2 PG2  
PG_3 PG3  
PG_4 PG4  
PG_5 e2stop e2det
PG_6 PG6  
PG_7 PG7  
PG_8 zstop z-stop